Nautical accessories - TR Inox


 Twenty years of experience in the industry naval art allows us to offer a variety of nautical accessories standard. The high technical skills acquired over the years are a product not only according to the standard specifications, but also a very high level of customization and suited to the needs of anyone who wants to make his boat unique.

The accessories products do not stop at simple walkways, cable and vents, but the production and processing of steel extends to the creation of roll-bar, boat awnings and marine fuel tanks approved by the EC, both for pleasure boats that passenger transport.
The stainless steel used for the creation of our products are the best on the Italian market and beyond. His careful processing ensures excellent durability, a subtle sheen and superior strength.
Our production is not limited to accessories manufactured in series for distribution on a large scale but also makes it possible to create individual pieces through the realization of drawing.