Technology - TR Inox


TR INOX invests daily in specialized human resources and through the use of CNC machines efficiently respond to requests for mass production, but also for individual objects.

We treat only raw materials which of high quality, as the stainless steel AISI 316L, the better for nautical accessories, in order to obtain solidity and gloss over the years.

Thanks to sophisticated advanced equipment, technology is at home in the factory TR INOX: bending machines can read the settings given to the computer, and bend any quantity that requie; with the use of lasers is achieved precision for cutting and finally with help of automated pickling and electro polishing, the steel returns to the natural sheen that sets it apart.


BENDING CNC machine (CNC) bending machines make for greater productivity and reliability wide. The programming of the machining is performed by software, which allows the automatic simulation of the feasibility and optimization of time and production costs.


PRESS BRAKE CNC machine (CNC) bending stainless steel sheet with the control of the angle and the force applied by software. The automated simulation of the fold prevents errors during processing and ensures optimal performance of the final product.


Running the CUTTING LASER for a production scale and on-demand with a custom design. The laser allows us to have millimeter precision.


Our processes are subjected all'ELETTROLUCIDATURA which increases the corrosion protection products, sea salt and other external factors. With this method the machined retain gloss for a period of extremely long time, thanks to the self-lubricating coating that is created with good sliding properties, high wear resistance and / or non-stick characteristics.